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By Mr. Lynn Austrheim
MSW, LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Counseling Advantage

The Counseling Advantage Offers Professional Services at a Very Reasonable Sliding Scale Fee, Based on Income.

The mission of “Counseling Advantage” is to help individuals, members of families, and people in corporations and businesses have better, happier and more productive lives through the application of psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching.

In our society, I have researched and have found that one in five people are in need of counseling/psychotherapy. The number of people needing help is much higher than that, as the whole family or an organization is usually affected when one of its members faces challenges.

Often people in families and other organizations do not realize what they are experiencing is not normal because they have lived with their situation for so long. Some people who have not had the therapy experience may feel uneasy about the new and unknown.

Your counselor has over 25 years of experience with adults, teenagers, and children over five. Modes of therapy that may apply to your challenge include individual, family, and general learning groups.

You are invited to call for a FREE initial telephone, no obligation, consultation at (847) 707-7877.

(You do not have to give me your name.) During our conversation, you will be able to ask questions and ask my recommendation on a course of action to help you have a better and happier life.

What to expect in Counseling.

When you choose to have the life enhancing process of having advanced counseling, I will ask you to listen to, or read a short statement of an agreement that spells out the guidelines for your counseling experience. This is not a contract but rather a statement of understanding of the counseling experience.

Next you will be asked about your main challenge, as well as historical information going as far back as your childhood where important views of your world were formed. After the analysis, I will share my assessment with you and future counseling can be designed to help you accomplish your goals. (If I think you may need medicine in addition to counseling, I will refer you to a psychiatrist or your own medical doctor with my written recommendation. As I give this recommendation to you alone, to give to your doctor, confidentiality is assured.)

The next phase of counseling is doing whatever educational experiences need to be done, to correct false beliefs and views you may have that could be causing or adding to your challenge. Typically the corrective work takes about two to twelve weeks depending on progress. Therapy will end when both you and I agree that your goals have been reached.

In special situations, services may be available in your home. In addition, counseling may also be available by pre-paid phone, email, and Skype. (Remember that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed by electronic transmission of communication.)

I encourage you to take advantage of this very high quality, low cost, professional service and CALL TODAY at 847 707-7877 to schedule an appointment, where we can work together to help solve your problem so you will have a better life. I look forward to the pleasure of speaking with you. (Cash, check, or credit card payments are accepted at the beginning of each session.)

Your family, friends, and associates may appreciate it, if you would kindly share this informative website with them, if you think that they may benefit from counseling.

Thank you for your visiting and your kind interest in Counseling Advantage.


I Help Clients to Know Their Basic Mental Ability by Doing Some Simple Screening Tests Before Counseling Begins.

I Help Veterans to FEEL Better by Providing New Mind Desensitization.

I Help Whole Families to Have Happier Lives by Teaching New Communications Skills.

I Help Singles Learn How To Evaluate a Person For a Relationship by Life Types Education.

I help Parents Learn How To Parent Their Children by Teaching New, More Useful Methods of Motivation.

I Help Teenagers to be Strong by teaching them “How to Be Well and Stay Well in an Insane World”.

I Help Overweight People Lose Weight by Calling Them Once a Day to Give Hypnotic Messages and chart their progress.

I Help People Who are Grieving to Lesson Their Grief Load by Listening to Their Relationship Story and Giving Encouragement to Move On in an Appropriate Manner.

I Help Couples Who Are Planning Marriage to Increase Happiness by Teaching Relationship Skills.

I Help Lonely People by Visiting Them at Their Homes or Living Centers, to Increase Happiness with Conversation and Playing my Guitar, if Appropriate.

Prepaid Nationwide Consultations & Training on Skype and the Phone are Available for Individuals, Families, Businesses and Corporations.

I Help Corporations by Enhancing Their Work Culture to Increase Morale Which Leads to Higher Profits.

Other Services Include: - Public Speaking on Psychotherapy And Management Training.   - Telephone Consultations  (Confidentiality not Guaranteed)

I Help Clients to be Relaxed and Comfortable by Providing Low Key Conversational Sessions with Optional Hypnosis.


Dear Lynn,
“The feedback from the patients that you treated was very positive with respect to your clinical skill. At least one patient and maybe more said they receive more benefit from one or two sessions with you than they had previously received in many sessions with prior therapists. This is quite a compliment to you and one which I have seldom heard regarding any therapist” (Manager of Apogee Clinic)

Dear Reader,
“This is a testimonial about the counseling I received from Lynn Austrheim. His explanation of why individuals behave the way I was behaving was very enlightening. As I looked back on my life of 39 years, what Lynn said made a tremendous amount of sense. I recommend that everyone who has a chance to learn from Lynn’s counseling, should do so whole heartedly” (Satisfied Client)

Dear Lynn
“We all appreciated the talk you gave our Forty Plus Group of Chicago. Maintaining self-esteem is difficult when over forty and unemployed. Many commented favorably on professional counsel. We hope you will be willing to visit us again in the near future.” (Satisfied Executive)

To Whom It May Concern:
“I have worked with Lynn for seven months as his team leader on our coed adolescent psychiatric unit. In that time, I have found him to be conscientious and thorough in his work. He is professional in his dealings with his social work colleagues as well as staff of other disciplines and levels. His knowledge of both psychodynamics and psychopathology is excellent. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to assess, diagnose and plan treatment in a comprehensive and efficient manner. As a therapist, Lynn is sensitive, energetic and spontaneous, with an approach that empowers his patients to deal with their most difficult challenges. In addition, he is willing to extend himself and does not hesitate to advocate for the needs of his patients when it is warranted.” (Clinical Manager at Henry Horner Children’s Center)

Dear Sir,
“I have worked at Multigraphics for 3 years and of the supervisors I have had, Lynn Austrheim, has been the best. He has dealt with me effectively in business matters as well as personal matters. I feel that my quality and quantity of work has much improved under his supervision, which I never received from previous supervisors. The most extraordinary quality of this person is that I can come to him with personal problems in which he will give me what I feel is good sound advice. This is a quality that most supervisors lack.” (Multigraphics Employee)

“Thank you for sending a copy of your paper (Sequence Therapy) and more importantly Thank You for having such a positive impact in our family. Thank you for urging us to stay together as a family. Enclosed is a check for your paper. In evaluating whether you should change career, please consider the people like us that you have helped. We’ll miss you.” (Satisfied Family)